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Copyright © by the authors. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The recent pandemic of COVID has already infected millions of individuals and has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

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Based on clinical features, pathology, and the pathogenesis of respiratory disorders induced by this and other highly homogenous coronaviruses, the evidence suggests that excessive inflammation, oxidation, and an exaggerated immune response contribute to COVID pathology; these are caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 SARS-CoV We and others have reported melatonin to be an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative molecule with a high safety profile. It is effective in critical care patients by reducing their vascular permeability and anxiety, inducing sedation, and improving their quality of sleep.

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As melatonin shows no harmful adverse effects in humans, it is imperative to introduce this indoleamine into clinical rheumatoid arthritis guidelines 2020 where it might be beneficial for better clinical outcomes as an adjuvant treatment of COVIDinfected patients. Herein, we strongly encourage health care professionals to test the potential of melatonin for targeting the COVID pandemic. This is urgent, since there is no reliable treatment for this devastating disease.

Regarding the most affected countries to date, the USA has reporteddeaths, Brazil 81, the Rheumatoid arthritis guidelines 2020 Kingdom 45, Mexico 40, Italy 35, and France 30, [ 1 ]. These large numbers warrant urgent research to accelerate clinical trials with therapies that may reduce the alarmingly high death rate.

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The combined use of anti-viral and anti-inflammatory drugs may be more efficient than using either modality alone. One of the overlooked and promising candidates is melatonin, which may substantially enhance the actions of adjuvant treatments for COVID by reducing symptoms such as pneumonia, acute lung injury ALIand acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS.

Due to increased drug resistance and continuously occurring mutations of the virus, we still lack ideal medicines to target this disease and new vaccines have to be repeatedly adapted to the continuously changing viral subtypes.

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In fact, the drugs in the market can only mitigate the mild to moderate symptoms if used in the early stage of viral infection, and have reduced effects in patients with severe symptoms or those who are predisposed to complications.

Thus, the clinical significance is mutatóujj a lábujjak kézízületén, as well as because viral infectious diseases are self-limiting and the mild to moderately severe patients develop self-recovery without treatment.

Int J Mol Sci.

In viral infectious diseases, the key is to ameliorate the severe symptoms, including the massive tissue and organ injury and, finally, to control the mortality.

It has been speculated that the most severe symptoms are beyond viral cytotoxicity per se and result from the overreaction of the innate immune response that causes destructive inflammation, as observed in the severe disease progression of coronavirus infections [ 2 ].

This may be one of the reasons why antiviral drugs have failed to be effective in severely infected patients.

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To compensate for the shortcomings of the anti-viral drugs, a more generalized and less virus-specific therapy which instead targets severe symptoms of the viral infection should be considered.

Melatonin is a suitable candidate. Melatonin possesses an excellent anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory capacity and it balances the overshooting innate immune response while promoting adaptive immunity [ 3456 ].

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Currently, an increasing number of publications has suggested or strongly recommended the use of melatonin to combat COVID Thus, the excessive mortality rate occurs in the elderly with very few deaths from COVID being recorded for individuals under the age of Currently reported COVIDaffected patients present varying symptoms including fever, dry cough, myalgia, fatigue, or diarrhea. The pathogenic examination of lungs from mild COVID patients revealed edema, proteinaceous exudate with globules, patchy inflammatory cellular infiltration, and moderate formation of hyaline membranes [ 10 ].


In a postmortem assessment of a COVID patient with severe ARDS, specimens of the infected lungs demonstrated bilateral diffuse alveolar damage with edema, pneumocyte desquamation, and hyaline membrane formation [ 11 ]. Although these reports were performed for only a small number of cases, they do resemble the pathological features identified in SARS- or MERS-induced respiratory disorders [ 12 ].

Furthermore, recent reports suggest that some COVID patients, although negative for the viral nucleic acid assay, still sometimes present with a high level of inflammation.

Altogether, the most recent findings indicate that inflammation is a major issue for COVID patients in whom the immune system is severely attenuated due to the high cytokine production that contributes to the COVID pathogenesis. It should be added that the amplification of the inflammatory response would promote programmed cell death apoptosis or necrosis of the affected cells, which would further trigger inflammation, followed by the increasing permeability of blood vessels and the aberrant accumulation of inflammatory cells, including monocytes, macrophages, and neutrophils.

Herein, melatonin is not taken as a typical viricidal agent but it indirectly exerts anti-viral actions based on its well-reported anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and immune system-enhancing properties [ 1718 rheumatoid arthritis guidelines 2020, 19202122 ] and, therefore, it may be useful to examine its potential effects in suppressing COVID infections see Figure 1.